Elimination Diet Group Coaching Program – Virtual

An elimination diet can be a wonderful tool to regulate your hormones, identify food sensitivities, increase your energy, or even just give your body a break and the ability to reset. This is also a wonderful tool to use if you are desiring to transition into eating more whole foods, and move away from processed foods. Summer is a great time to go through this program due to the abundance of fresh whole foods!

Over the course of 5 weeks we will prepare, eliminate, and reintroduce foods through IFM’s Elimination Diet. Each session will be about 60-90 min in length. A comprehensive Elimination Diet Guide, Food Plan, and a Weekly Recipe Guide will be supplied as part of the program. Our group size will be capped at 8 so that each member of the group will be able to get the time & support that they need in order to progress fully through the program.

As your Health Coach, I will be your guide through the program. You will be doing the shopping, prepping, cooking. We will create sustainable plans together to set you up for success! If you have decided it is time for a change, this program is for you.

I will be running 2 sessions, a Friday evening time slot, and a Saturday morning time slot in an attempt to accommodate different time zones. Please pick the session time that you can regularly attend, as jumping from group to group would upset the dynamics.

Session 1, Friday @ 7 PM EST:
Preparation/Intro Call, 7/15/22
Week 1, 7/21/22
Week 2, 7/28/22
Week 3, 8/5/22
Food Reintroduction, 8/12/22

Session 2, Saturday @ 9 AM EST
Preparation/Intro Call, 7/16/22
Week 1, 7/22/22
Week 2, 7/29/22
Week 3, 8/6/22
Food Reintroduction, 8/13/22


Elimination Diet Group Coaching

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