How a Functional Medicine Certified Heath Coach can Help

Renee Harris asks Kerry some questions from her customers about different health issues they are having, and how a health coach can help.

Small Shifts for 2022

“We can move mountains in our lives, as long as we do it one shovel at a time, and pat ourselves on the back for every little scoop we are able to move.” Kerry Chamberlain

Notes on the Interview

Let’s look at some of those small shifts that make you feel good:

  • Is there a type of movement you really enjoy? Notice I said movement, not exercise which almost always has a negative connotation. Could you do that for 5 minutes every day?
  • Who are the people in your life that build you up? Could you spend more time with them?
  • How do you feel after eating a whole food, every color of the rainbow, made from scratch meal? Nourished. Like you gave yourself a hug instead of a sucker punch after eating half a box of Oreos. How about making one of those meals once a week, and maybe you’ll have some leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.
  • Are you getting those 7-8 hours of sleep a night? Is it possible to go to bed 15 minutes earlier & see how you feel the next day?
  • Is stress the issue? How about 1 minute of belly breathing throughout the day, especially when you feel like you’re about to explode.

Kerry’s Journey with Autoimmunity

Stacking happens! Join Kerry as she shares the progression of how her autoimmune conditions stacked, and what she is doing now to prevent stacking any more! She also takes questions in the last half of the video about thoughts on fasting, the Dutch test & more.